Shadow of the Fox


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    Julie Kagawa has started a series that is developed on the basis of a Japanese myth in which a scroll holds the power to summon the Kami Dragon that is so powerful that it can grant any wish one wants and that’s why the scroll of thousand prayers are hunted by the people who seek to get the power of the dragon.

    The myth only forms the base of the story the rest of the story is the creation of writer’s own imaginative skill. There are three narrators used in the narration department Joy Osmanski, Brian Nishii, Emily Woo Zeller which was the right thing to do in cases when there are too many characters in the story same voice tend to mix the characters all the time. Thus there is no issue in the narration everything about it is appropriate.

    Shadow of the Fox

    The story can be termed as a thriller as well because there is a quest that is being fulfilled along with hardcore action which is an essential thing if you are linking it to the Japanese culture. The treasure hunt in the tale starts when the first temple burns and Yumeko save the first piece of the scroll that was hidden deep down in the temple. This reveals that someone is again after the pieces of the scroll and he wants to summon the Kami Dragon for his evil desires. A samurai appears as was the prediction in order to save the pieces of the scroll; he too chases Yumeko for the piece that she possesses. The story is excellent for action lovers and those who like old riddles especially ones related to dragons and demons.   

    More interesting stories including Thicker Than Water (Jessica Daniel #6) – Kerry WILKINSON and Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer – Katie Alender can also be read or listened to in spare time when you need to relax and get into the imaginative world of yours.

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