Above the Bay of Angels


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    Fortune goes up and down in life and for some it is like a slide one time you are on the top and the next moment by your own doings you slide down in the pit. Bella, Rhys Bowen’s new heroine faces the same sort of circumstances. Bella after facing hard times on the street got the letter that changed her fortune and she all of a sudden found herself in the Buckingham Palace working directly for the queen. She had been a good cook all her life but she never thought that she was good enough to work for the queen.

    Above the Bay of Angels

    With each day Queen Victoria brought her closer because of the taste that made the queen her fan. The queen started to take Bella with her on the tours as well and made her in charge of everything. Bella never dreamed of all this but then the nightmare approached and hit her luck so badly that her life came in the shadow of the rope. A royal guest dies after having dinner served from the queen’s kitchen and of course made by Bella herself.

    For Bella not only her future but her life also comes under threat and she can just hope that the killer is found before she gets the capital punishment for nothing. One should go through The Last Mrs. Summers and The Victory Garden as well whenever he is blessed with the chance. Each book by the author is so rich in details and the story progress is slow which gives the listener time to enjoy. In this one Gemma Dawson has narrated it slowly too so that understanding does not become a problem anywhere.

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