Mustard Seed


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    The place where a person is born has a special link to his personality and behavior. No matter where we go and settle in life, the birthplace always attracts us the most. A special place is there in the mind for the native land which cannot be removed or ignored. Three women in the novel return to the land where they had spent their early childhood. On this occasion, they return with a special purpose in their mind.

    Laila Ibrahim told the audience about the struggle of different women in Yellow Crocus and the culture was also affecting the outcome of different results in that novel. This story starts by establishing a link with the previous novel. Lisbeth left her home because she was not satisfied with her life in that zone. She didn’t like the attitude of her father toward the slaves.

    Mustard Seed

    Mattie i.e the nurse who took care of Lisbeth as a child also ran away from the place with her son Jordan in search of a better life. Now in a new place, Jordan is a teacher and Lisbeth is also doing well in her life. Suddenly Lisbeth hears that her father is dying so she goes back to meet her family one more time. Mattie and Jordan also think that the time has come to go back to the place where they started their life many years ago.

    However, the purpose of the mother and her son is different i.e they want to provide freedom and justice to their family. Scarlet Carnation is also in the list, all these books are narrated by Bahni Turpin who understands such cultural things more than anyone else in the field.

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