Mansfield Park


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    Jane Austen no doubt can be termed as a feminist writer as she is the one who right from the beginning of her career has portrayed woman as the central character in her works. Women for her, possesses an inspiring character that influences the whole family or the whole society even.

    As you can see in the books Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen and Sense and Sensibility – Jane Austen.It is women who change their roles in the home and in the family as well as they migrate throughout their lives.

    Mansfield Park

    The novel Mansfield Park is also about the same type of a girl who is adopted a rich family who happens to be his relative, but she is not welcomed as an equal member of the family at the age of ten she had to adopt a different status in life for which she had never prepared herself and she cannot deny it either as her will was not that important for the people around, the decision making power was never given to her right from her childhood.

    Fanny Price faces new challenges every day and not even a single challenge or change happens to be a good one for her. She faces neglected behavior of the elders in the family and also an insulting behavior of the children around who don’t accept her as a new member in the family. The courage of a little girl is beautifully described in the novel as how she instead of running tries to adjust herself in the new role of her life.

    She learns new things and adapts that is the best aspect of her character. The will to survive and the courage to bear are the two most beautiful things that appeal us and make us a fan of Fanny. The narration of Juliet Stevenson also sets a nice pace with the story she depicts quite nicely the main character that some time weeps and sometime wants to yell and cry.

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    1. This audiobook is incomplete the last fes chapters are missing. Please, can you fix it? It is a lovely story and I would very much like to heat it in fulll.


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