The Guest List


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Long list in narrator’s column and it took names like Jot Davies, Sarah Ovens, Olivia Dowd and Chole Massey to narrate the thriller by Lucy Foley. The long list of narrators tells us that every guest or at least the important one has been given a separate voice because most of the talk is in dialogue form. A single voice could never have managed a dialogue form in the best possible way. Story is about the wedding of the century for which everything has been planned to perfection.

The groom in the wedding is a movie star with high chances of progress in the future and the girl he is going to marry owns a magazine. Because of this the whole list of guests includes important and upper class people of the town.

There is no commoner and that’s why the place where the event is taking place is not a common one at all, it is really special and decorated in a special way. Just when the groom and the bride appear on the scene the audience clearly understands that the people present at the party are not happy about the wedding. It is not that the guests have some enmity with the couple but it is jealousy that makes them act vicious.

The Guest List

Then a person is found dead and he happens to be the one who disliked the couple more than anyone. The story looks more like The Hunting Party and The Book of Lost and Found because of the suspense at this stage. One thing is evident that one of the guests is the killer and as every one’s name is on the list thus inspecting is not that tough.


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