Commune: Book Four

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    Human race thought that it has become sophisticated and prosperous and in such scenario no one can die because of hunger also fighting for food seemed to be odd. Entire opposite is witnessed after the population got hit with things they were never ready for.

    People all around the globe look for safe shelters now and more than this they need food to fill their empty bellies. Among these temporary established city is the area of Wyoming Mountains which is far more superior to the rest of the encampments.

    Rules and morals were once followed in the world before the circumstances that appeared in Commune: Book Two and Commune: Book Three after those events the world has become savage. For the survivors their survival is everything and for this they can leave everything aside even if it is humanity.

    Commune: Book Four

    An illiterate and barbarian race has emerged that thinks that food supply is more precious than the life of a human being. Joshua Gayou has created a wonderful series that portrays the exact picture of humanity if it is deprived of everything that it currently enjoys. Bitter world that R.C. Bray narrates does not believe in any philosophy at all.

    Not many people have noticed a very important thing attached to this series i.e there is no supreme leader in the making. It is battle for survival very everyone thinks about himself alone.

    In the time of need anyone can kill his friend or neighbor for his own safety and survival. A single grain can start bloodshed in a deadly situation such as this where reserves are exhausting at a rapid pace.

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