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Imaginary Friend

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Imaginary Friend is an absorbing novel written by Stephen Chbosky. It is based on horror fiction and it is absolutely stunning throughout with no boring moment whatsoever. The audiobook performance of this novel is done by Christine Lakin, who managed to make a huge statement with her strong and expressive tone.

The author Stephen Chbosky has great command over horror fiction and other fictional topics as well. If you are looking for more engrossing novels from the author then you should check The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Der unsitchtbare Freund.

In Imaginary Friend novel, you will enjoy a story of a young boy, who is haunted by a weird continuous voice in his head. The young boy named Christopher is just 7 years old. He is a new kid in the town. He experiences weird thing and the weirdest of all is that he has an imaginary friend.

Imaginary Friend

Kate Reese, a single mother of Christopher is on the run. She is fully determined to enhance the quality of life for both herself and her son. Kate came out of a very abusive relationship and left her partner right in the middle of the night along with her son. Together, they became part of the tight-knit community in a town in Pennsylvania. They were quite far from the beaten track as much as they could get.

At first they thought that they are in the perfect new place to settle down and start a new life. But that was not the case actually. Christopher vanishes all of a sudden and Kate was helpless. Six long awful days have passed and there is no news of him. One day, Christopher emerges right out of nowhere. He was totally unharmed, but surely not unchanged. He returns with a weird voice going in his head, which only he could hear and with a mission as well, which only he could accomplish.


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The Perks of Being a Wallflower


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