The Broken Ones


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Two lovers just cannot be together in this series because they belong to the opposite groups. Penelope is the daughter of the king of Trollus and her lover Marc is secretly working for the group which wants the king dead at any rate. Penelope cannot cheat her father not because she loves him but because if she betrays him one more time her life would be passed in the dungeons. She has been a sign of bad luck for her elder sister and now her father wants her to prove her worth in the court if she wants to live among them. Marc on the other hand is not only her lover but he is also the main guy of the enemy. That’s why he is not allowed to tell anything to the princess otherwise he would be killed on the spot. Between these conflicts, the love of these two poor creatures just starts withering and they just cannot decide what to do for their future. Living away from one another is the only way to save their lives but they cannot do that after being so much madly engaged in love.

The Broken Ones

They two have to stand against the odds if they love each other and if they love their lives then they have to stand against one another. Danielle L. Jensen just presents the main characters in this part, Stolen Songbird and Hidden Huntress will open the series for the listeners. This part was written especially to tell the fans about the characters and their situation first so that the progress of the story does not confuse them later. Clear words are uttered by Eric Michael Summerer and Erin Moon in narration and they haven’t added any expression. Conveying the correct information was the purpose of this part and nothing else.


Two for Joy

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