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    Tanya Eby has narrated many books before this and most of them have been linked to the world of action and thrill. Keeping pace with the story was not an issue for the narrator because of the skill that was developed in the past. For Julie Garwood, the creation of such a story was also not a big issue because this is the seventh one in the line that the author has produced for this series. Previously Grace Under Fire and Hotshot also developed a lot of craze for the fans.

    These books also provided the author with a lot of confidence to go on with such a fine creation. Cordelia was never bothered by anything linked to her father or mother because she thought that she knew everything about them. Her mother died when she was only two years of age and the tragedy happened because of a car accident.

    Fast Track

    Since then he has been raised by her loving father who has not made her feel sad on any occasion. Cordelia never thought of investigating anything about her mother because she had firm trust in the information which her father had provided her. When her father gets a heart attack, he tells her something about her mother which surprises her completely.

    In order to know the truth, Cordelia goes to Australia along with Aiden who has been in love with her for many years. Aiden didn’t expect that the mission will go serious and life threatening. However, he makes sure that Cordelia gets out of this family drama in one piece. There are enemies in high society that Cordelia has never known about and it is time to face all of them at the same time.

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