Nova Terra: Worldbearer



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Nova Terra fractures as machinations embroil Thorn’s fledgling rule. No sooner has he assumed the mantle of Titan of Earth than adversarial forces converge – armies flood Ironhold, outnumbering his rallying troops five-to-one overnight.

Besieged on all fronts, envious guilds thirst for Wolfkin blood, intent on culling Thorn’s ascendance down to size. Hemmed in by enemies, only relentless steel can cut to survival.

Though mighty, Thorn’s dominion balances on a knife’s edge. Forces roil powerful enough to rend kingdoms asunder – can Thorn’s titanic strength preserve Angoril’s unity? Or will Nova Terra’s map be forever rewritten?

Forged in fire then forged in war, Thorn’s odyssey continues as old orders shatter against uprising chaos tides. When smoke clears and battle drumbeats fade, who shall stand atop the rubble heap of yesterday’s empire? Nova Terra shall soon kneel before a new era’s architects.

The game permanently changes in Worldbearer, the next ruthless chapter of monster-slaying and throne-claiming fantasy.


Nova Terra: Catalyst

Fire Ice


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