Death Becomes Us


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    Pamela Skjolsvik brings out the greatest horror that lies in the back of our mind all the time and that is death. The new thing that the story discusses is that there is another horrible thing in this world and that is life itself, death, on the other hand, is just the ending of this destructive thing which we love so much and call life. When it ends the fear of death is also no more. The story is about a middle-aged man whose mind is full of worries all the time until he visits a funeral to see the realities of life.

    The funeral tone that Lisaun Whittingham uses is also an extra spice for the story and it surely needed that sort of narration to convey the message hidden behind it. The book is specially written for the busy American people who pay no attention to the death of their close relatives and then suddenly they encounter it one day and realize that the death of the relatives was just a rehearsal for them.

    Death Becomes Us

    Death Becomes Us

    The mortality of mankind is discussed in detail throughout the story and the reader also gets evolved in it because the story is about the usual routine of our daily life and the feeling that we possess at the time of funerals and our own anxieties over trivial day to day issues which in the end are not significant at all at the time of death. The mourning scenes are well handled by the narrator as well through her dramatic voice. The tone is up to the mark and according to the standards of the scene.

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