River God


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    Ancient Egypt a place that was once full of gods and goddesses never gave so much importance and time to the lower class such as their slaves. In their palaces or even in their stories the slaves were never given a proper introduction. Wilbur Smith the author of this series adds different material in the novel.

    River God

    Instead of talking about the gods and goddesses or kings and queens, the author starts telling the audience about the brilliance of a slave. Taita the slave of Lord Intef is not an ordinary guy at all; he knows it all from poetical works to engineering. There is also another field in which the slave is quite expert i.e the field of keeping secrets. Lord Intef cannot think of losing his precious slave because he has with him the secrets which no other soul knows about the lord. When the daughter of Intef was married the lord sent his trusted slave with his daughter so that he can protect her and her husband from any kind of danger. In Egypt, Taita sees a new side of life which is full of lies and cheating.

    The people of Egypt deceive others for their favors and don’t consider it as a sin. Things didn’t worry Taita until he came to know that his master and mistress were in trouble. For their protection, Taita vows to use his full powers against the accursed ones. Mark Meadows the narrator of The Seventh Scroll and Warlock as well starts this book in the voice of a soldier. Taita is a slave but he is presented as a warrior and defender in the novel.

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