Alternate Routes

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    A science fiction that is one of a kind takes us on a tour of both the world at the same time. We move into a world where phantom cars and real-world traffic is moving on the same route. The routes appear from nowhere and cause a troublesome situation for the people on the highway.

    The story combines fantasy and science fiction because this all turns out to be the doing of a government agency that is perhaps experimenting for their own hidden motives and goals without thinking about anything else. Between this disastrous situation, we meet Tim Powers main character that holds the key position between both the worlds, Sebastian Vickery who was once an agent in the agency but does not have a happy ending of his carrier as he was disgraced a lot because of certain issues that he does not want to talk about anymore.

    Alternate Routes

    Vickery works for a supernatural car service that why he becomes a part of all the mess. There are three other characters Castine, a small boy and a woman who pretends to be a super girl. Together they come to know the secrets of that route and what they really mean for the human race. The use of Greek mythology is something we do not find these days in scary stories but this novel has a flavor of everything that takes us on a peculiar tour that we could never have imagined.

    Bronson Pinchot the narrator keeps a good pace with the story and whenever the route is changed he uses a different tone that alerts the listeners as well.  Feared by Hell – Unbelievable Mr. Brownstone book 1 – Michael Anderle, The Missing Boatman – Keith C. Blackmore and Lonesome Paladin: A Fistful of Daggers, Book 1 – S M Reine may also be good ones for the novel readers to get some more thrilling stories.

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