Anna Dressed in Blood


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The Cas Lowood series starts with a bang as we meet the bloodstained Anna Dressed in the first book by Kendare Blake which has mystery and a lot of dead who are again killed by our hero who is bound to save the humanity from the deadly fangs of the dead who haunt the earth even after their physical death because of one reason or the other. Cas does not solve the problems of the dead he just kills them and ends the whole tale in a single shot with no regrets what so ever.

Cas follows the footsteps of his father as his father when he was alive used to kill the dead creatures in order to save the human race. He holds a mysterious weapon as well as a kitchen witch and a cat that possesses the ability to sniff ghostly creatures.

Anna Dressed in Blood

The story really starts when Cas meets or comes face to face with the ghost named Anna who was killed in 1958 and is haunting the streets of her city since then. She wears a white dress with blood stains and shows no mercy for anyone who enters her domain.

This time the ghost is not that easy perhaps to kill because the case is somewhat different. Anna too does not harm Cas though he comes with the intention to kill her both let each other go because of certain reasons. It appears that there is some sort of a bond between the two because of which they could prove helpful for one another.

The story quite wonderfully describes the situation of the dead that is more deadly than we can ever imagine, the voice of August Ross in the narration department has also proved its worth in producing a living touch in the world of the dead.

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