Mystic Caravan (Books 1-6)


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The mystic caravan series by Amanda M. Lee is full of surprises. The adventures are full of monsters that are tamed by Poet Parker who is a member of the circus with special powers with which she helps the circus troop to spread positivity by controlling the evil in the world. Kade is the new entry in the troop who learns a lot later that he needed poet’s help in order to learn how to deal with the monsters, Poet, on the other hand, does not like the individual at all.

However both in the end successfully fight the beats in order to save the caravan from a total destruction. The caravan moves from one city to the other in all the six parts facing different terrors in different lands along with Poet’s story in which she discovers that Kade was the son of his boss and the introduction of a suspicious clown in the circus make things even worse for her. There are murders on the way and not just ordinary murders but dead bodies with no legs and arms as if a beast had torn it to parts.

Mystic Caravan (Books 1-6)

The personal trauma of Poet also continues when she loses her love because of her boss whom she cannot just leave because it was he who once took her from the life on the streets and gave her something to do with her life. We also go to the city that never sleeps and the terrible mysteries that are revealed afterward. Kade and Poet decide to marry but throughout the series, their lives are haunted by monsters that do not allow them to focus on their personal lives they try to hide from the monster world but it keeps following them all the time as they are cursed. Caitlin Kelly’s narration is just picture perfect as the rise and fall of the voice at the different situation is beautiful and the energy never leaves the story.

Killing is my business (protected by the damned bk02) – michael todd and Betwixters: Once Upon a Time – Laura C. Cantu may also be good ones for those who need to listen to more such interesting stories.

Book 1 :

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Book 2 :

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Book 3 :

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Book 4 :

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Book 5 :

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Book 6 :

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Collector (Books 1-3)

Anna Dressed in Blood


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