A Curse So Dark and Lonely


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    All of us have heard the story of the Beauty and the Beast, if anyone thinks that it is the same kind of stuff then he is mistaken because it is much more. The girl who is playing the role of the savior is from another world and also the prince who is cursed has ruined everything around him. It is Prince Rhen who gets the introduction first from the hands of Brigid Kemmerer.

    A Curse So Dark and Lonely

    Rhen was supposed to be the next ruler of Emberfall but when he reached his eighteenth birthday an enchantress cursed him. Now he repeats the same autumn again and again which is a terrible thing. Also when he turns into a beast he just destroys everyone who comes in his way. So far the prince has destroyed his castle, family and everyone who could have helped him.

    Harper the girl in the novel is not from Emberfall rather she lives in Washington D.C and is living a terrible life there. Then one day Harper tries to help someone and ends up in Emberfall as a result of it. When she reaches there she fails to comprehend the situation but after meeting Rhen her mood and motive changes.

    She realizes what she has to do and also for Rhen she appears to be a new sign of hope. A Heart so Fierce and Broken and A Vow So Bold and Deadly are the next two parts of the series so if you like this one then you will also love the other two. Kate Handford, Matt Reeves and Davis Brooks have narrated all of these three parts thus you will not feel any difference anywhere.

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    A Heart so Fierce and Broken


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    1. I found that a very few do it just seems to be the older books none of the newer ones work and I just recently got the tokybook app but it just crashes when you try to play the book, I sent two messages about it not working and they say there working on it and to come back in a day and I did but it’s still a no go just hope they get it fixed soon I’m 3 quarters into a book…

    2. Hi is there a way to add 1.7 or 2.0 to the speed in audiobooks or could you maybe explain how to download them. I have installed the app but still haven’t found a way to download.


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