Collector (Books 1-3)


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A trilogy by Dot Hutchison is a superb thing for the leisure time if you really want an enlarged and detailed description of the green and grassy land. The first book tells us about a place that is like a wonderland not for women but for men where there are beautiful gardens, butterflies and women who are kept there for the pleasure of the gardener who kidnaps them every now and then and brings them there where he loves to possess beauty. A girl named Maya runs and escapes the place and finally reaches the FBI for help but her story is confusing for the agents as she does not act like a normal girl because of the encaged situation that she faced in the garden.

Collector (Books 1-3)

The second story is the continuation of the first one where the FBI agents try to save the girls of the garden by relocating them to the places from which they were brought by the gardener. Agent Mercedes is also this time given a murder case to solve that becomes more horrified as the story progresses. The third tale is a nightmare when Mercedes finds an abused boy on her door front who just tells her that her parents were killed by an angel who left him on Mercedes door.

The story does not stop at this point she receives one and then another boy each day on her door front with the same story that starts to make her life a living hell. All the stories are full of suspense and horror throughout and are narrated well by Lauren Ezzo, Mel Foster, Siiri Scott and Will Damron who have painted the terror up to the maximum level and have given each character a different touch in personality. Just the same way A Pillar of Fire by Night: Carrera, Book 7 – Tom Kratman and The Missing Boatman – Keith C. Blackmore are other novels people may like to listen to in some spare time.

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