A Pillar of Fire by Night

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This is the seventh book in the series of Carrera by Tom Kratman who has been weaving this science fiction for years now and still the spice is the same, the intensity has not been lowered since book one and it’s a great fun reading one of these volumes all the time.

A war tale that the series actually is and each war the Carrera army stands tall after slaughtering their enemies in a big way and forcing them to retreat with dead bodies of their loved ones floating behind them. This time the attack is severe than ever as all the enemies of Balboa have joined hands or perhaps they have the same goal that they share with each other i.e defeat Carrera and its enemies so that they can capture Balboa.

The chief enemy is the Zhong tribe that has kept on attacking the country from the North has never succeeded but this time the attack is from all directions, north, south, east and west. The areas of Balboa are under the control of the enemies for the first time and the local people are being slaughtered on a large scale, the enemies have even succeeded to build bases in the territory. The story shows high drama when we think that Balboa is going down Carrera emerges with a plan that could end the war in his favor and we are told that this all thing was a part of his plan that could outclass his enemies in no time.

The narration by James Fouhey starts a bit slow but then it gets pace and moves along well with the story.  He Who Walks in Shadow – Brett J. Talley and Bring the Pain – Unbelievable Mr. Brownstone book 4 – ichael Anderle are some other Sci-Fi stories people recommend for those who like stories in this genre.




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