Agenda 21


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    Agenda 21 is a genre-fiction novel. It is the opening title in the Agenda 21 novel series. It is written by Glenn Beck. He is a great talent who apart from being a writer is also a conspiracy theorist, political commentator, TV producer, and radio host. If you are interested in the nonfiction work of the author then Dreamers and Deceivers will make a fantastic read. He also wrote an excellent memoir of George Washington which is titled Being George Washington.

    The narration of this Agenda 21 book is done by January LaVoy. She was just phenomenal with her performance in this book which easily won the hearts of the followers of this book.

    Only a generation ago, this place was known as America. After, the global implementation of Agenda 21, the UN-led program, it is now known as the ‘Republic’. There is no congress, no president, no Supreme Court, and absolutely no freedom. There are only Authorities.

    There were two main goals of the citizens in that new Republic. It was about the production of clean energy and initiating a new human life. Those who are not able to commit to either of these goals are not fit for society.

    Agenda 21

    Such barren and bleak existence is all that an 18 years old Emmeline has ever known. She walked her energy board dutifully every day and accepted all sorts of male pairings that were assigned by Authorities to her. Things changed the day those Authorities came for her mother.

    The story told here might not be that interesting or beautifully written. But, there is a story behind the story which is worth listening to. It is the strong message that this book carried that every American should listen and understand.

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