The Lost Colony


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    The Last Colony is a super engrossing novel written by A. G. Riddle, who is an accomplished writer and had the privilege of being the bestselling author for many of his work. The subject novel is a contemporary science fiction fantasy. It is the 3rdchapter of The Long Winter novel series written by the author. Once again, the narration of this novel is a tag team effort between Edoardo Ballerini and Amanda Leigh Cobb.

    Is there any chance for the mankind to survive in a new world?

    The Lost Colony

    On Eos, all the remaining survivors of Long Winter are up against the greatest challenge of their lives. And, the race begins to reveal the top secrets of the grid. The last few survivors of mankind managed to escape from a ruined Earth. Eos, their new world looked very much a perfect place apparently at first, which was quite hospitable, warm and totally safe from the grid. But this was obviously not the case in real.

    The first of the settlers have vanished. However, their settlement still remains there, but nobody is there and has left the scene. James found a long series of spheres just when he began to dig deep into the mystery behind the lot colony. Was that the key to find out all the lost colonists? Or is it something, which is the real cause of their deaths?

    Winter World and The Solar War novels are also written by the fine author, A. G. Riddle. The novels shows his versatility and immense grip over the contemporary science fiction novels and that makes both these novels worthy of investing your time with their audio versions.

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