Think Like a Monk



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    Focus is hard to get in the daily hustle and bustle of life and the problem is that when you lose focus nothing remains in balance for you. Mind when not working properly makes a person confused about his or her goals and the result is just terrible. Jay Shetty presents to us in his voice the simple tricks with which we can make our life interesting and useful. “Think like a Monk” basically means flushing out all the negativities from your brain so that it can process the positive things in you.

    Think Like a Monk

    Whenever your mind listens to a negative thought it just drifts away from a purposeful living. Jay Shetty at a very early age in his life decided to leave the family thoughts of becoming a doctor or a lawyer. These two professions or other such routine skills appeared boring to him so he went to India to learn more about monks. As he started his training he realized that there was something more to life than mere lust for money and craze for power. A person can better himself in personality after which he can help others to get rid of the daily stress and mental fatigue.

    Shetty applied his four years of training to his friends who were facing a lot of mental issues and the results were just awesome. He came to know that though his friends were making fine progress in their jobs but still because of overwork they were mentally exhausted.  Slowly they were losing their focus and the energy to give their hundred percent in their job. Shetty emerged as a guru for them because he gave them the one thing they needed most i.e peace of mind.

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