Fortune and Glory


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    Life has not been pleasant for Stephanie because of the hardships she had to bear over a decade. Relax time has been her wish which has not yet come true for her even after many trials and hardships.

    However, when her grandmother told her she was getting married, Stephanie thought happiness has come to their house finally. The new grandfather appears to be a hotshot so not only the life of her grandmother Mazur would become pleasant but she too will get a chance to enjoy some material wealth.

    Everything was going fine until the future grandfather is found dead on the wedding night. Jimmy Roselli although did not get a chance to live with Mazur but he before his death transferred all his belongings to Mazur. Among these belongings there happens to be a treasure as well which the grandmother and her granddaughter have to find on their own.

    Fortune and Glory

    Together the two started the hunt at once and during the hunt, they confronted two enemies which they weren’t expecting. Janet Evanovich the author of this novel introduces Gabriel Rose at this point who wants the treasure more than anyone.

    Gabriel is the kind of girl who is just perfect in everything; she can cook, kick the enemy right in the gut and also hunt for a treasure when she gets a lead. Stephanie does not possess such skills but she has stubbornness at her bones. Lorelei King narrates Stephanie’s character with full care at the climax as she emerges an entirely different girl at that point.

    If a listener remembers Twisted Twenty-Six and Look Alive Twenty-Five then he would surely know what is going on in the series. The author in the starting just lets the characters and story go loose so that everything gets weaved into different patterns. Then near the climax, Janet tightens the things and makes the story obey orders.

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