Baby Teeth


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    Baby Teeth, A Novel is a brave attempt Zoje Stage with all her literary skills and experience. This is a crime mystery thriller with an epic psychological touch to it. The narration of this book is done by Gabra Zackman.

    Baby Teeth

    Suzette Jensen going through a chronic devastating disease knew that getting pregnant to have children would not go good to her already struggling body. Nevertheless and despite the risk, she gave birth to Hanna. She was very happy and content to start a great family life with her new born daughter, Hann and her husband, Alex. Suzette was quite sure and determined that she would raise her beautiful little daughter with utmost love, affection and support. This was all which Suzette was denied, while being estranged from her mother in her childhood.

    Baby Teeth

    However, things were not that easy as it seems. Hanna was a very difficult child to handle. She was 7 years old and haven’t uttered a single word as yet, despite being quite capable of reading and writing at that time. She was quite anti-social and defiant and was not behaving well at all in the kindergarten classes. All this situation forced Suzette to teach her t home herself. Hanna was completely resentful of the attention and rules of her mother and used to show anger at her all the time. Thus, she was becoming more aggressive with every passing day.

    Zoje Stage is a novice writer, but still her words and stories are heart-warming to say the least. Bad Apple is another classical novel by the author, where you will find a totally different crime mystery plot with totally new suspense and thrill created by the author.


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    3 thoughts on “Baby Teeth”

    1. If you’re in the mood for something truly disturbing, Baby Teeth’s got you. Otherwise, I recommend you try something else.

      10/10 storytelling. Won’t be able to think about anything else for a while

    2. Enthralling story. Excellent writing combined with incredibly intuitive narration. Disturbing subject matter, yes, but this book addresses an existing condition. The author’s description of the disturbed child’s thoughts actually made me laugh out loud at times (OK, the COVID situation has made me more than a little nuts). Dear author, I hope you are writing a sequel! Well done!


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