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Orphan X

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Evan Smoak, Book 1

Gregg Hurwitz has started his series of Evan Smoak with a thriller. We find the complete detail of the past of nowhere man named as Evan Smoak, how he was created and what are his motives. It was an essential thing as Hurwitz was creating a new figure in the stories and for the rest of his series thus complete description was no doubt an essential part.

Orphan X

Nowhere man or the Orphan X who was chosen for a special program as a child from which he ran away is presented as a godly figure in the story that helps every man who comes to him for help and has no one or nowhere else to go. He is the man with the resources, skills and talents, a man who does not want to harm anyone but still, there are people who are after him. Right from the start, he is being seriously chased as someone wants to hunt him down for good.

Orphan X

 The hunting part has done its homework quite well as it knows all the weaknesses of the Orphan X. They not only want to find him but they also want to reveal his secret as the nowhere man before killing him. This shows that the enemy possesses some personal grudge as well with the Orphan X.

The story is such a thriller that we do not feel any sort of boredom right from the word go. Scott Brick’s narration keeps us alert and excited all the way to the end of this first book which has surely started something new for the readers and the emergence of a new hero is also there who has many names like Evan Smoak, The nowhere man, and the Orphan X.

The author has written other interesting books for those who love to listen to such stories including Hellbent, The Nowhere Man and Buy a Bullet.


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A Quiet Life in the Country

David Copperfield


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    1 thought on “Orphan X”

    1. Thankyou for adding this great title to your site! Greg Hurwitz is one of my favourite authors, and i especially love his Orphan X series. I’ve read/ listened to them so many times they’ve become 2nd in my All time favourite series list.
      *1st being the ‘Red Rising’ saga, 3rd being Scott Sigler’s ‘Infection’ series*


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