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The Battle for Skandia

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At last the war start that was on the cards all the time, enemy was not ready to go on the back foot this time and the Rangers are also not in a habit of giving up. War does not start in Araleun yet; Skandia is the first to confront the wrath of the enemy. All the four heroes are there in the city but they face terrible problems of their own. Will along with Evanlyn was able to get out of the enemy’s fangs in The Icebound Land and they thought that they were lucky but it was not the case.

Temujai warrior makes Evanlyn his prisoner once again and Will has no choice but to run after them in order to free his friend. Will is not hundred percent after the circumstances that he faced in captivity but he launches himself in the mission like a true Ranger. The schemes of the young ranger fail and he finds himself in the claw of death when Horace and Halt come to his rescue.

The three rangers come together and instead of going back to Araleun they plan to stay, firstly because of Evanlyn and secondly because of the war that has started on the border.

The Battle for Skandia

Temujai army has started a war which would soon spread to Araleun’s borders too so the rangers think of stopping it right here. John Flanagan told us in The Ruins of Gorlan that the rangers always try to keep the war away from their kingdom’s borders and they are doing exactly that here. John Keating has worked better on the ending scene’s narration in this fourth part, in the rest there were some issues in the ending scenes.


The Icebound Land

Magician: Apprentice


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