Magicians of the Gods


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    Magicians of the Gods is a book written b Graham Hancock. It is a book from the Arts and Entertainment category. The author, Graham Hancock is from Britain. Apart from writing, he is also a journalist. He is well known for his special pseudoscientific theories that link with the ancient civilizations of this world. He also talks about the stone monument, tempered state of consciousness, Earth changes, ancient myths, and the astrological and astronomical data from the yesteryears. The author has some amazing books to his credit that revolve around the same mentioned stuff. If you are eager to learn more from the author then you must consider listening to the audio versions of Fingerprints of the Gods and America Before books.

    Magicians of the Gods

    As expected from a Graham Hancock book, the narration for this chapter is done by Graham himself. It turned out to be quite a magical and powerful performance.

    Some 12,800 years ago and just by the end of the last known ice age, a giant comet funds its way into the solar system. It came from space that broke thousands of years ago. Some of those fragments struck the Earth as well which resulted in a global cataclysm over an unseen scale. This was all since the extermination of dinosaurs. As many as 8 fragments struck the North America ice cap region and some it the ice cap of Northern Europe.

    Magicians of the Gods is a sequel to the bestselling Fingerprints of the Gods, where the latter one was quite controversial and astonishing as well. The subject novel came 20 years later than the first novel and it was worth the wait. The audience has an interest in such ancient investigative novels had a great time listening to it.

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