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    Fallen: A Novel is a mystery thriller. The book is part 5 of the popular the Will Trent Series. It is narrated by Kathleen Early, who made this novel sound really god throughout its hours’ long narration.

    Karin Slaughter is the novelist of this chapter and she had earned quite a big name for her in the literary writing fraternity. She is well-respected in the mystery thriller genre and has entertained countless audience with her amazing stories that are full of thrill, adventure and suspense. If a couple of those are to be named then The Good Daughter and Pretty Girls would make an easy and safe choice.


    There is no special police training that is stronger than the instinct of a cop. The mother of Faith Mitchell is not answering her phone and the front door of her house is open. Bloodstain could be clearly seen on the knob of that front door. Her infant daughter is seen hidden somewhere behind the house and in a shed. Faith Mitchell goes right out of the window when she charges right inside the house of her mother with a gun drawn. She discovers a dead body of a man in the laundry area. She also witnesses a hostage situation in one of the bedroom of the house. One thing or one person that she doesn’t see in the house is her mother.

    Faith had too many questions and absolutely no answers, especially when the hostage situation got deadly. In order to find her mother, she would need the support of her partner, who is the detective, Will Trent. They together would also need the help of Sara Linton, the trauma doctor.


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