The Light of Life


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    “Out of the frying pan and into the fire” seems so true for the two friends who have been fighting against one evil force for a long time. Now when they think that they have got hold of that evil in the form of Gladdic they are informed that they have unleashed something worse.

    Irony touches the peak as the two who wanted to save the land became the victims who have invoked the deadliest of the evil against it. Dante and Blays just wanted to bring Gladdic to justice and now they have White Lich to fight with. No one ever expected that such an evil will once again haunt the land of Tanar Atain and will try to eat up the whole population.

    The Light of Life

    Luckily one man has the idea to get rid of the evil and his name is Gladdic. The one who was wanted by the people of land now emerges with the only solution available.

    Gladdic provides the information about the Lich that amazes everyone according to him Lich once had a body of its own. Moreover the body was a human body and it is still somewhere in the swamp. The buried body serves as a source of this evil and destroying the body would result in the eradication of the Lich too.

    The solution is simple but things are not that easy as they seem to be in the first glance. Edward W. Robertson produces a gem in the shape of this fourth part that moves further to books like The Spear of Stars and What Lies Beyond.

    The renowned Tim Gerard Reynolds has taken the job of the narrator quite seriously. Each word can be felt not only by the ear but the heart as well and this enhances the impact and sensation in the novel a lot more than the fans usually expect.

    Audiobooks for you!


    The Wound of the World

    The Spear of Stars


    1 thought on “The Light of Life”

    1. This is an excellent series that you will HAVE to start from the begining. The author doesn’t spend the first chapter reminding you of the story so far & where he left off but instead launches into where our now emotionally involved characters were last seen.
      As far as the Fantasy genre goes this series is at the top of my list for “overall best of” because the stories & action are fast paces yet still fleshed out, character development is so good you have an image in your mind of exactly what they look like & know how they will act before the scene is revealed. The lead characters Dante & Blaze are a perfect pair & play off each other perfectly. The entire tapestry of the story is rich & engaging to the last word, always leaving you wanting desperately to immediately start the next book.
      My only complaints are Blaze constantly wanting to do the “right thing” even if by doing it more people will die than if you did what he considered to be wrong. There are few but still some instances of plot devices of them doing things that no one would ever do , EVER in order to advance the story to some coming twist or turn (run up stairs to get away from the serial killer. Man with knife is walking towards you & instead of running you fall to your knees & start crying & screaming etc.) Those plot devices drive me insane & are out of character for the one in question but its not so frequent that you walk away. In this book Dante allows himself to be talked to / treated by women in a way that any normal person would have given them a nice hard smack or some type of corrective action to keep her from believing she can behave that way & survive with out adverse reaction.
      Aside from that its amazing.


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