House Rules


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    Thrillers the most attractive form of literature is always most difficult to write because the listener very quickly loses the passion if the material is not appealing. Jodi Picoult never lets you lose interest not for a single moment. The topic chosen this time by the author is psychological and it develops the perception of several investigators who never thought of such a thing before.

    The child who is accused of murder is an autism patient thus he lacks the potential to defend himself in the case of threats or danger. He not confident enough to tell the truth because he lacks focus but this does not mean that he is guilty or should be punished of something he never committed.

    House Rules

    Jacob Hunt has always faced difficulty in explaining himself in front of a bunch of people even if those people were his family members. And now it is a murder issue in which he has to defend himself in front of the local police. The boy previously has been a part of different suspicious things but never ever a murder of course.

    The clues lead to him but there is something he knows deep within, something that is the bare truth but he is unable to explain because he is not confident about it. Narrated by Mark Turetsky, Nicole Poole, Evan Welch, Andy Paris and Rich Orlow the novel is the best if compared with other works of the author like A Spark of Light and Small Great Things.

    It is because it has a certain motive and touches something psychological with a lot of seriousness involved. We usually don’t pay attention towards such patients not intentionally but because of sheer lack of awareness.

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