Prof Croft Series (0.5 – 5)


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Brad Magnarella has no doubt created a wonderful series that is full of hope, emotions, action and of course magic which we cannot exclude. The whole series has a unique way of describing different things, a way that makes everything look strange and spooky. The series opens with a discovery by Everson Croft the main guy of the series that who he really is and the family secrets that his grandfather has been hiding all these years.

The secrets are in his grandfather’s library that changes his life all of a sudden on his thirteenth birthday he suddenly found himself in search of a lost book and encountering many evil powers and magical creatures which he had never thought of before. Thus the story also hints towards sudden changes in life. Everson finds new friends and rivals on his way for the search of the lost book, falls in love with Flor which he himself thinks is premature.

Prof Croft Series (0.5 - 5)

The story of Everson continues from one book to the other with him joining the wizarding world more but not leaving the human world of course but helping it against the evil forces that only he can see and stop. He saves New York from the attacks of zombies and other magical creatures helping the law enforcing agencies all the time involving him so much in these tasks that he almost destroys his personal life, a life with his beloved. It is rightly said that a beautiful story is the one that moves on both personal and social level the story not only tells us about Everson’s love but also towards book four we hear about his mother and the cause of her death as well.

Thus each part is a treat to listen and has more impact if you are listening to it in an order because random listening could spoil the show. James Patrick Cronin will surely never let you feel bored by the lively voice of his in the narration.More novels you may like could be The Good Lawyer: A Novel – Thomas Benigno and Before I Let Go – Marieke Nijkamp and many others which have been liked and appreciated by the novel enthusiasts.

Prof Croft Series (0.5 - 5)


The Stone in the Skull

Cat in the Stacks (Books 1-9)


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