The Patient Man


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    The Patient Man is the 6th chapter in the popular and highly compelling Jackman & Evans mystery novel series. The novel is written by Joy Ellis, who is exceptional and at her very best in this novel. The narration of this novel is done by Richard Armitage in his signature style. This time the author has instilled this novel with immense suspense and some really amazing twists and turns, which the audience will find extremely absorbing.

    DS Marie Evans received a sinister text from Ashcroft. The opening move here would setup the pace of this cat and mouse battle.

    Everyone that Jackman always cared about are in immense danger. Alongside the search efforts for Ashcroft, the routine police work should also continue. A thoroughbred stallion, the separate burglaries of 6 pigs, guns and then some traces of oil took Jackman and his team to the Lorimer family.

    The Patient Man

    Another case linking with this one makes the entire nexus too complicated. Hartcourt, the owner of a gun club comes to the scene. The man who was held responsible for the killing of the daughter of Hartcourt in a hot and run case is found dead in the car park. He was killed by a sniper. A killer is there in the quiet streets of the town and he doesn’t look like stopping after claiming this one life only. But, what is the reason behind him focusing only on the young Kevin?

    And the sniper just like Ashcroft seems to be out of the reach of the police. However, Evans and Jackman have their race against time to get hold of the sniper and also to track down the deadly adversary.

    If you are looking for more mystery thrillers from Hoy Ellis, then you must check out Their Lost Daughters and The Murderer’s Son.

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