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    The first three of the “Breaker” series were raw and pure fantasies and this one is not far behind, ready to break the records as the best seller the book can impress anyone. Even if the series is listened to in separate chapters the amazement still remains. The plague destroys everything in the world that Ellie Colson the former federal agent once knew.

    Luckily she has a family relation to live her life with and according to many people she is one of those lucky persons who can start life all over again because she is blessed with a chance. Ellie thinks otherwise because Dee her daughter is completely a stranger to her on most occasions.

    She feels that she is living a life with a total stranger who lives with her because she has no other place to go. They spend six peaceful years on the farm and Dee is engaged to a nice boy who lives across the lake. Then suddenly the fantasy starts playing its role when Dee thinks that she is being hunted by people whom she does not know.


    In the quite town the tow mother and daughter never felt such a threat ever and now it was on their doorstep. Investigations are launched and the truth reveals in a big way, it was Quinn’s dad who was the issue and as Dee was engaged to him thus her family also came under the cloud. The campaign takes Ellie back to the world she left six years ago but then there is no other option for the current scenario.

    Edward W. Robertson has started experimenting with mystery a long time ago in the books like The Breakers Omnibus and  The Cycle of Arawn such thinks are quite clear in the current master piece narrated by the Ray Chase. The skillful narrator really makes our mind go round with the outclass pitch.

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