Zodiac Academy 8



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    Zodiac Academy 8 is a paranormal fantasy fiction novel. It is the eighth chapter in the Zodiac Academy novel series which is written by Caroline Peckham and coauthored by Susanne Valenti. They both write excellent fantasies and paranormal romance novels together. One of their better paranormal romance books is A Game of Malice and Greed. Moving on, you will also have a wonderful literary time with Fated Throne novel which is another excellent book from the Zodiac Academy novel series.

    The audio narration of Zodiac Academy 8 is done by Bridget Bordeaux and Jake Bordeaux. They were both exceptionally good and knocked it out of the park with their top-quality vocal skills.

    Zodiac Academy 8

    We all live to fight another day. But with so much stolen from all of us, could the fates be twisted ever in our favor again? My sister and I were born apart by despair and shadows, and then we each stood alone. Our mutual sorrow was spun like a web, and it was trapping us tight. I feared that our enemies very soon could come to feast upon us. But if I choose my way then the merciless sky would have dealt with us in its ultimate fortune. It was time for us to take back all the power that had been ripped off from our clutches and subsequently turned the tide of that war as well.

    All the stars are supposed to fall and all the Phoenixes should rise. Long live the Savage Queens.

    Zodiac Academy 8 is the penultimate story of the Zodiac Academy novel series. It is a dark, paranormal romance title that is meant for adult listeners only.

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