New Release !!! He Who Fights with Monsters 9


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He Who Fights with Monsters 9 – A LitRPG Adventure

Jason was an average man with an average job so not even he ever thought that he would be able to perform any kind of serious action in his life. He was actually not made for such a kind of life. For him, the office job was something that suited his personality and physic. From the inside Jason wanted to have a passionate life full of action then again everyone living close to fictional stories wants such kind of life but their wishes don’t come true.

In the world of flesh, such wishes don’t come true because for the average human being fiction and fantasy exists in imagination only. Jason had the same kind of ideas in mind and then he woke up in a strange world one day all of a sudden.

New Release !!! He Who Fights with Monsters 9

The world was full of magic and monsters that could not be real from the point of view of an average man. However, Jason didn’t have the time to think about all this because wasting one moment in that kind of world means risking your existence.

The man started fighting for survival and then he started enjoying that life as this was the thing that he wanted in his heart. Shirtaloon and Travis Deverell showed in He Who Fights with Monsters 7 and He Who Fights with Monsters 8 that the hero is getting stronger in this world and he has decided to establish his rule now. He is not afraid to take risks because he knows exactly what he is doing for the first time in his life. Just wait patiently as the narrator Heath Miller unfolds one more from the series.


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