Barrow King


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    C.M Carney after becoming famous because of writing novels that have a sense of thrill and suspense starts a new series. The series is related to the realms that appear to be a bit similar in approach when compared with novels like  Scourge of Souls and The Lost City: An Epic LitRPG Adventure.

    However, the plot and theme are totally different and the motives of the character in the novel are totally new. This is not anything that we have seen in the previous books. Thus only the style of writing is the same which is good to see because the regular readers and listeners like the style.

    The writer always boasts energy in the characters on the right time which is the basic ingredient of his work. Finn Caldwell at the start of the novel leaves his life that was always full of the horrors of the fight.

    Now he starts a new life altogether but this ideal life and his utopia appear to be short-lived as he is called for help by his sister. In order to save her, he has to enter a deadly game. The game once again forces him to start using the powers that he thought would be of no use in future life.

    Barrow King

    Armed by the Godhead he enters in the holographic reality in which he becomes mage Gryph. In order to go to the next level where he thinks that he would be able to find his sister, he has to defeat the Barrow King. The King proves to be the toughest of them all in the sentient dungeon. Narrated in the powerful voice of Armen Taylor this first book of the series is really a treat to listen.

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