The Broken Places


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Third installment approaches and despite of the extreme efforts of the sheriff Mississippi does not look like a peaceful place to live in. Quinn Colson is fully aware that in ten years that he served in the American army the people of the town have adopted all the social evils. Not only the gangs but the attitude of the local people actually supports the corruption. The locals like to gamble, kill and play with weapons all the time; these things have become a custom of the area.

Case like child abuse in The Lost Ones rocked Quinn and his team mates because such social evil is not expected even of the sickest of the societies. A part from gang fights in The Ranger there are secret societies in the city that are at work constantly to destabilize the peace. Ace Atkins puts more pain in the head of the ranger in the shape of Jamey Dixon. Jamey Dixon was in prison for a long time because of a murder issue and now when he is out of prison the family of the victim thinks that he is coming for them.

The Broken Places

All these years in prison he has planned for something big but no one knows what it is. Jamey’s old friends think that he will go for the money that he has hidden somewhere safe for his retirement. Between all these troubles is Sheriff Quinn Colson who has once again very dim chance of catching the criminal. Brain d’Arcy James provides the new voice to the narration section; it is not a bad job at all if we compare it with the previous awesomeness.


The Lost Ones

The Forsaken


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