The Red Pyramid


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    New plot and new characters come from the pen of the mighty one i.e Rick Riordan who has amazed the kids through books like The Heroes of Olympus, Book One: The Lost Hero, and The Son of Neptune.  Complete, unique and strong heroes face epic challenges in those books and the scene is no lesser this time. When the story opens things look quite ordinary in all perspectives, the two sisters without a mother and their troubled life is what the story is all about in the beginning. Carter Kane lives with her father after the death of her mother and her sister Sadie lives with the grandparents.

    The Red Pyramid

    Both of them are living an abnormal life according to them, as one is home schooled and have never seen a school in her life. The second one never gets a chance to be with her father. Finally the two meet and get a promise by their father that he would try to make everything right for them from now on. Ironically their father makes a further mess of their lives when he awakes a mysterious figure from history.

    After the ritual Julius the father of the two girls disappears and the two sisters are left with no option rather than start a quest in search of their father. What the two sisters learn later is that their father has summoned something so evil that it could eat the whole human race up in no time. Their family’s connection with the pharaohs comes as a third shocker. Kevin R. Free and Katherine Kellgren narrate male and female characters separately which is good to listen to and understandable too.

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    1. Is there a way to speed up the audiobook? I usually listen to it at 130 if the original is at 100.
      It’s makes going through the book faster

    2. There is a set of books I would love to listen to but can’t find anywhere online the set is called White Trash Zombie by Diana Rolling please see if you can find them please


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