Violets Are Blue


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Vampires don’t exist in the real world and their concept has just remained nothing more than mere fiction for people all around the world. This was also the way Alex Cross used to think before he saw real human blood on the ritual. Someone has performed a ritual that is linked to the world of vampires.

Vampires don’t exist but whoever has performed the ritual was pretty sure about their existence. Another reason for the ritual could be to mislead Alex and his squad from the main course. Alex starts the investigation on his own because the police and the FBI are really scared. No one wants to link himself with all of this stuff but Alex just does not possess the hobby of running away. James Patterson adds the Mastermind from Roses Are Redback into this part which means that the troubles are not over for the detective.

Violets Are Blue

The Mastermind wants revenge and he is not the first one with this wish in his heart. Cat & Mouse also had villains that wanted Alex’s head but they failed. No, the audience is going to find out that whether the hero was lucky in those previous parts or it was his talent that saved him.

Again a change is observed in the narration department, this time it is Daniel Whitner and Kevin O’ Rourke who narrate the novel full of suspense and a mind-blowing final portion. Alex can get hold of most of the things in the last chapter. Although a few strings slip out of his hands it is he who dominates among the rest.


Roses Are Red

Four Blind Mice


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