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The Stormlight Archive saga of Brandon Sanderson created a huge fan base for himself. One after the other, he came up with many amazing novels that literally entertained his fan for hours. The Edgedancer is one such exceptional novel from the series, which makes a grand addition into this science fiction fantasy. The narration of this novel is given by Kate Reading, who was appreciated for her powerful voice and expressive tone, which the novel actually demanded.

You will be excited to find out about the prologue, which is a bonus addition in this novel.


3 years before, Lift requested a goddess to not let her age or grow older. It was a wish from her that she believed was granted. Now, in this novel, the Edgedancer, the teenage Knight Radiant discovers that the time waits for no one. Although, on the other end, the young Arzish emperor gave her a safe haven from an assassin, about whom she is only accustomed as Darkness.

The court life was hard and was actually making the free spirited Lift highly suffocated. She just couldn’t help herself to go to Yeddaw, when she discovers that the unremitting Darkness is actually there and hunting all the peeps like her along with the promising powers. The browbeaten in Yeddaw have got absolutely no champion at all.


Brandon Sanderson is a maestro in literally writing, specifically in science fiction genre. It would always be a good and safe investment of time, if you choose to listen to some of the Brandon Sanderson classics. A couple of novels worth mentioning here from the author are: Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection and Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds.


Cherish Crave, Book 6



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