Finch Merlin and the Locked Gateway


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    There is something working in the mind of Finch for a long time now, when he found that he is not getting out of Erebus fangs he started planning something new. This has been the strength of the man; he devises a clever plan and then executes it to perfection. Bella Forrest wanted the main character to be that way i.e active, clever and having an appeal for all the people present around. Eris Island is the next place Finch has to go; the place has something that he needs to unlock the gateway.

    He already possesses the location and Sanguine blood but it is not ample still. Luck has been favoring Finch in many ways; he has been able to find allies that can aid him and friends that can provide him company. Then there are other creatures like the goddess of light who just cannot live Finch alone. The goddess tries to help him in every possible way; she knows that he cannot survive on his own without her guidelines.

    Finch Merlin and the Locked Gateway


    She has Adam at her disposal all the time but Finch is what she craves for more than anything else in the whole wide world. The narrator Amanda Ronconi is starting to get pace in the narration because the end is near after Finch Merlin and the Lost Map and Finch Merlin and the Djinn’s Curse.

    The ingredients are finally in hand and the will of the master can be fulfilled now but this is not what Finch wants now because he knows something that Erebus is unaware of. The clever servant has been planning to make his master the god of Darkness fall in a big way and if he fails he knows where he would land as a result.



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    Finch Merlin and the Djinn’s Curse



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