The Light We Lost


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    The novel is the first one by Jill Santopolo and the author has selected to write and narrate a romantic novel. Writing romance is tough in the sense that the listeners are always more interested in listening to the feelings of love rather than the story. The story develops in romantic scenes. If those scenes are not impressive and inspiring for the fans then they reject the story along with it. Jill that’s why tries to focus more on the love relationship which develops between the couple and then the author comes to the story a little later.

    The Light We Lost

    Lucy and Gabe were together in the university where they got the time to understand each other in a better way but at that time it was not loved. The couple had the passion to thrive in life and that same objective made the two come closer to each other. After passing the university they decided to meet each other after one year to show what they have achieved. When they met after an exact one-year span they were thriving in their fields but they felt that reason for this meeting was love this time.

    Now thirteen years have passed and they have come together for another meeting. Life has changed them a lot, also they live on different continents but the feeling of love has not departed still. Don’t select More Than Words and Everything After listening to this book because this is a true masterpiece by the author. It is not only the first book by the author but it is also the best produced by the author on the topic of love and romance.

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