Roses Are Red


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Christine was the new girl in his life with whom Alex also started to show some attachment but they just weren’t able to join as one. For the girl, two things were constantly bothering her and Alex wasn’t able to let them go. Alex’s job has always remained his primary motive of life because of which he is never able to give his loved ones the proper time in life. Jannie is in hospital in this episode and Alex does not have proper time for her as well.

Meanwhile, a new villain emerges in the town and he wants money i.e all of it. The Mastermind kidnaps people and then demands money which is quite precise regarding their bank accounts. This shows that the man hits targets perfectly and he always has the exact idea of the amount which the other party can pay. Alex is made in charge of the hunting party which is given the duty to bring down the Mastermind.

Roses Are Red

This sort of investigation teases the Mastermind and he thinks that the entire department should be taught a lesson. It is Alex and his team who are first on the list of the Mastermind. James Patterson gives Alex more than he can chew this time because he gets worried about his team here.

Peter Jay Fernandez narrates the Mastermind more passionately to show the strength of the villain here. Along Came a Spider and Kiss the Girls made us meet criminals who were hiding and in the end, they were outsmarted by Alex. Here things appear a little opposite as the Mastermind toys with all according to his will.


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