Cost of Survival


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 Cost of Survival is chapter 3 of Extinction Survival novel series. It is a post-apocalyptic science fiction novel that has a gripping story of a pandemic, staking lives of humanity. The novel is written by Walt Browning who managed to bring yet another superb novel for the apocalyptic novel buffs. Satan’s Gate is another quality novel from the author, which is also part of the same Extinction Survival novel series.

The philosophy behind this engaging novel is that fear is nothing to stop death, but it is the life that has the power to stop.

John Eric Carver and his dog Shrek have fought quite hard for their lives through the viral apocalypse that threatened almost everybody. Working with as many as 50 more survivors in the high mountains of San Diego, they were able to create a safe community from the monsters known as Variants. But, just outside their small and beautiful haven is a giant pack of beasts. They use to roam all through the cities in the search of human beings to quench their thirst for blood and to satisfy their appetite.

Both Carver and Shrek on a supply run encountered a good number of such packs of beasts and just before they made a very astonishing discovery. There were some Variants who are actually mutating from the radiation release over a naval vessel. They transformed the crew into some abominations so that they were able to fly. Carven knew it very well that all these new mutations would highly threaten their home and also all those survivors around the world.

If you have been following the Extinction Survival series then this chapter would make a pleasantly amazing addition.



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