Warrior’s Fate



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In Warrior’s Fate, Walt Browning continues raising the stakes in his pulse-pounding Extinction Survival series. This fourth installment finds series protagonist Hunter McConnell facing his greatest challenge yet – rescuing his family from the clutches of an insidious new foe.

After reuniting with his son Finn, Hunter receives word that his wife Lily has been kidnapped. He swiftly assembles his trusted crew, including fan-favorites Gabby and Memphis, to launch a daring rescue op. Along the way, they encounter a shadowy organization with a nefarious agenda for the altered humans called skels.

Browning excels at crafting terrifying new creatures for Hunter and team to combat with an electrifying mix of military tactics and startling mutant powers. The non-stop action provides an adrenaline-fueled backdrop for emotional reunions between key characters. Fans will be invested in the McConnell family’s touching interactions.

By expanding the world and raising the personal stakes for protagonists we love, Warrior’s Fate hits the perfect balance between thrilling adventure and poignant character drama. Browning reminds us that family is worth fighting for, no matter the odds or enemy. Hunter McConnell’s saga remains compulsive reading for post-apocalyptic fiction fans.


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