The Silent War


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    It’s Jonathan Keeble’s voice again that narrates this very important chapter in the saga with a lot of war in it. If some say that war is the only thing that the series convey than it is altogether wrong because this book has wonderful things like friendship and a will to survive till the end. Love also not absent of course but this is a different sort of love that we see i.e it is the love for the land that makes the lover a man with a greater cause.

    The other love with a female attached to it is non-existent; the series does not even possess a strong female character significant enough to be talked about a second time. Battle is on since the last three episode and the forces are gathering for a fight of the century and between this war according to C Z Dunn, Nick Kyme, Anthony Reynolds, James Swallow and Chris Wraight lies another one. It is a war that has not been visible on the scene but is important like the war that is going to occur on the surface.

    The Silent War

    War in the shadows to many is just a tale but it is going on behind the curtain and is going to affect the war on the surface world. Rogal now shows the dare to launch a campaign against Horus in order to stop him from plaguing the galaxy and for his help Malcador has launched and undercover campaign of his won.

    Hidden hand is at work in the book, The Dark Angels Audio Collection and Trials of Azrael also got such material in the middle and then the main story continued in variant patterns. Secret warriors are going to shape the face of the galaxy forever and all hope that this reshaping is a good one.

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