Angels of Caliban


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    Ultramar has seen blood before and still the land had not fallen because there were forces that wanted its survival and were willing to lay down their lives for its protection.

    Dark Angles have not shown mercy in any part of the galaxy and now the eyes are set on the prize they call Ultramar. With all force sooner or later the attack would be launched and all the region needs is unity but there are signs that this very thing is perishing because of the difference of opinion.

    El’Jonson known to many as the Lord Protector of the land stands in the enemy’s way and no one can surely pass as long as he is standing out there keeping an eye on all the affairs of the land. But Dark Angles are not the only enemy that he had to deal with, there are forces from the inside that are trying to bring the land down and it is a good opportunity for them to start a cold war within the Legion. Attack on Sotha is the first bad news that hit the land and then the rest of it follows predicting only ashes in the coming days.

    Angels of Caliban

    Gav Thorpe wrote The First Wall and Deliverance Lost and the author always tries to bring something new for the audience. It’s tough because this new thing can bring disaster in the tale and thus can misfire in a big way. Luckily Thorpe has not misfired in any of the works and then the author had John Banks for this one, John is the narrator who has narrated perhaps the most parts of the series till now.

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