Praetorian of Dorn


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    Rogal Dorn became famous during the crusade because the Emperor used Rogal and the VIIth Legion as his main warriors on that occasion. They fight was mighty and then came the treachery that rocked the entire galaxy and gave birth to a terrible evil now known as the Warmaster. Horus has plagued the system since then and all he has achieved over the years of killing and slaughtering is power.

    He has improved his potential and is really testing it too here and there in the universe so that he can know when he is ready for the ultimate prize. Although the war has been ravaging the galaxy for ages now but no danger has ever reached the Solar System.

    It is not because the Solar System is will hidden but because of the fact that it is has been well guarded and the enemy knows that attacking it is not going to go in its favor.

    This time the enemy comes with a complete homework for the home world that looks weak in defense. Having been away from the main attack all these years the Solar System perhaps stopped expecting that its time will come one day and because of this assumption the preparations were not done up to the mark.

    Praetorian of Dorn

    The enemy like always has the same way of attacking a Legion; first it makes it face war from the inside and then makes the outside defense weak in the second phase. The author John French along with the narrator Jonathan Keeble has tried to make it a better thing than The Solar War and Age of Darkness.

    It is up to the audience to decide that whether the two succeeded in their attempt or not, one thing is clear that conspiracies are awesome in this series right from the first book that was launched decades ago. Perhaps most of the listeners would not have remembered the story that was there in book one.

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      And once again, thank you for uploading it for use to enjoy.


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