The Apocalypse Fugitives


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Peter Meredith is a phenomenal writer of fiction. His most prominent genes include horror, post-apocalypse, zombies and fantasy. The Apocalypse Renegades and The Apocalypse Exile are quality novels from The Undead World saga that the author has written.

Peter Meredith was earlier in real estate business and also worked for some time as an emergency room nurse. He even worked in the capacity of a CEO for a notable lighting company. However, he soon realized his love for literary writing and here he found his true addiction as well.

The Apocalypse Fugitive is the 4th chapter in the Undead World saga. The chapter is a contemporary science fiction fantasy with a tempting tale to enjoy.

The Apocalypse Fugitives

The fugitives began to limp west and were battered and beaten in their mind and body. They were having absolutely no idea that the world is actually fading all around them. When confronted, flight or fight were there obvious choices only. However, the small group of Neil is hamstrung and was forced to take on more refugees. All of those have come unarmed, hungry and completely empty handed. Neil is up against a very disturbing prospect of handling the refuges across the long zombie plagued land. The land area covers 2000 miles. However, the guided journey was taken only to stumble right at the first hurdle they came across. The huge Mississippi has become a death river. The only way out here is to pay the fee to the river man. And, his price was only to have some arm bodies.

Basil Sands as usual with his expertise has been a great voice to be used as the narrator of this novel.


The Apocalypse Outcasts

The Apocalypse Renegades


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