Kill Switch


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    Kill Switch is part 8 of the epic mystery novel from the Joe Ledger series, and what a beautiful piece of writing this is. All credit for this goes to Jonathan Maberry, who is the author of this book.

    Not to forget the significant contributions of Ray Porter with his voice, as his narration also played a significant role in the liking of this book. The story in this novel is f crime mystery type, which is a genre you would normally associate with an author like, Jonathan Maberry.

    Terrorists are in possession of a new deadly weapon, which is threatening existence of Americans. The weapon was capable of crashing the entire power grid and turning America into a completely dark age.

    Kill Switch

    There was a highly coordinated attack planned in order to shut all the lights, including the emergency services in as many as 10 main cities of the country. As a resultant of this planes would crash, hospitals would be completely dark and there will be no help at all for anybody, who is in any suffering condition.

    This was not the end of the deadly plan. There would a highly brutal plaque to be released as well when complete darkness prevails in the 0 major cities of America. If the lights go off as planned then nothing could actually stop the brutal killing of millions of Americans.

    Jonathan Maberry earned critical acclaim and lots of love and praise from his followers for his other novels as well. If you are looking for his more work, then the most desirable novels of him are Deep Silence and Rage: A Joe Ledger and Rogue Team International Novel.


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