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    Greek Myths surely are the best when it comes to the battle scenes and the strong plot. The stories have survived throughout history because of the strong characters that these myths provided to the world of literature. Stephen Fry has woven the same tales with some more drama added into them. The scenes and the characters are the same but they are given more dialogues and the scenes of love and sacrifice are prolonged so that the listeners can enjoy it even more.


    There is no break which is being given to the action scenes because at the core of all the happenings, it is action which people like about these ancient myths. Seeing Achilles in his full bloom once again allow the fans to relive the Greek era when the Trojan War was fought. And of course there is Helen whose character is narrated quite carefully by Stephen Fry.


    The beauty of the Greek era can mesmerize any living soul and her dazzling eyes can stun even the mightiest of the warriors. So gear up and listen to the finale in which the Trojan horse would be revealed and the cunning tricks of the Greek warriors will make Troy fall.

    Mythos and Heroes were loaded with equal amount of action and the only thing different here is the ending which concludes the fight once and for all. Just not leave any of the chapters because each chapter is devoted to a special event or a special hero. Troy goes down to the ashes in the end along with the heroes like Hector and Achilles who die in one way or the other during the war.

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